SOLUTIONS: Luxury Yatches

With Smartech one can automate their Luxury Yatches with beautiful lighting controls and audio and video controls that enhances the look and feel of the yatches.

  • Lighting Control System
  • Air conditioner Control System
  • Curtain Control System
  • Back Ground Music Control
  • Room Heater Control
  • Audio Video Entertinement Control
  • Door Entry Alarm
  • Door Entry Access from remote
  • Programmed Guest Room Card Access
  • Guest Room Status indication
  • Passage entry System
    Access Control
  • Biometric Entry
  • Remote Access Entry via 3G
    Audio Video solutions
  • Audio Video Designing
  • Dedicated Home Theater
  • Home Theater Acostic Paneling & Sound Proofing
  • Audio Video Centralization
  • Zone wise Background Music
  • Centralized Background Music
  • Wireless Audio Video Streaming
  • Movie & Music Libraries
  • Satellite Master Antena Television System (SMATV)
  • Pool Area
  • Meeting Room / Confrence Room
  • Video Confrencing System
  • Customized Audio Video Racks/Cabinet/Furniture
  • Surveillance System (CCTV Camera)
  • Glass Breaking Alarm
  • Door Entry Alarm
  • Online Security Control
  • Structure Cabling
  • Server Setting
  • Wired and Wireless Network
  • PABX
  • Intercome